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aisyasakura.blogspot.com/2014/05/infinite-last-romeo-giveaway-by-fiqa-nsz.html or aisyasakura.blogspot.com/2014/05/1st-giveaway-by-taochenlay.html 

(sorry i just got the chance to publish this now)

"what if when jr hit 30 he's turning into jyp bcs they have the same name lolol i hope not. what jr blog do you follow btw? i need some jr in my dash ;~;"
asked by Anonymous

that is about the cruelest thing a person ever said about jr oh my god :’(((( and uhhh i only follow 2 tbh parkjnyoung and 0904-0922 (the latter is actually a markjin blog :3 but yeah)

"so you like jr the most in got7?? i like him too since DH2 he's so qt u.u (and young why am i so old) but dont you think he's kinda like the baby version of ok taecyeon"
asked by Anonymous

ok first of all, yes i like him the most :’(

2nd of all, DO NOT let /age/ gets in your way anon?????? love knows no boundaries love will conquer all WE SHALL PREVAIL

3rd of all, lmfao sobs no i don’t see taec in him? probably bcos i dont really know taec? :<

"do you have snapchat /instagram?"
asked by Anonymous

yes, snapchat: kyojin - instagram: firebending!

"Where are you from?"
asked by Anonymous


"the drama is entitled "cunning single lady" or "sly and single again". :)"
asked by Anonymous

aah thankyou! <3

"tut on your 6 fav snsd songs gif set?"
asked by Anonymous

i once made a tutorial for my 4 fav infinite songs, the basics are quite the same you just need to implement it into your own design :3 hopefully it helps!

"I Really love the design that you make for snsd band ♡♡ What program did you use ? Sorry for my bad English .:(("
asked by sahar-yagoub

aw thank you! i used photoshop cs4! :3 (and naw your english is fine!)

"mas are you hot or are you hot"
asked by Anonymous


"mas when is your birthday"
asked by Anonymous

july 24th! wae

"do you have your favorite middle-aged western actor? like uhm, i really like Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman & Mark Ruffallo"
asked by Anonymous

who doesn’t omg! :s (you got some nice choices over there btw) i got so many favs to be honest but some that come in my mind right now: Keanu Reeves, Kevin Bacon, and Idris Elba :’3

"i like them !! ;uuu;"
asked by ohsehuns

thankyou!! ;3;

"jawline over abs? but if they drop their shirts and pants and everything im sure you won't bother about their jawlines :P just imagine doojoon suho and ken all sweaty in front of you"
asked by Anonymous

[ S T O P ]

"omg your graphics klsfhdsfdsgdfg"
asked by ohsehuns

;3; cries i hope that means you like em(?) thankyou(?) (huhu haven’t been making any for so long tbh)